Image: Hugo Glendinning

WAKE(visible tracks of turbulence) interrogates materiality itself, as well as notions of ownership, of collective process and the transmission of ideas.

Six artists worked in Dilston Grove sequentially in a series of week-long mini-residencies. At the end of each week the artists’ sculptural engagement with the space culminated in a performance or installation that was open to the public. Each artist chose the artist to succeed him or her and each left behind their materials and structures for the following artist to inherit and build upon. Picking up where the previous artist left off, each responded to, recycled and added to what they found, gradually or radically transforming the space. The materials they used became the binding force, the DNA, creating threads as well as layers, linking the artists who knowingly inhabited each other’s past and future.

Anne Bean began the process (11/12 June), followed by William Cobbing (18/19 June), David Cotterrell (25/26 June), Carl Von Weiler (2/3 July), Rachel Lowe (9/10 June) and concluded by Bronwen Buckeridge (16/17 June).

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