Image: Caroline Wilkinson

ARCHIPELAGO was a mixed exhibition of installation and performance. Each artist marked his or her territory. They chose whether to defend themselves against the others or cooperate; trade or start a war with them. They co-existed; there was no sequence of performances.

The audience could visit any or all of the islands at any time. The artists may have been building something towards a performance or occupation. What remained may have been the aftermath of some activity. They may have built camps or nests. The features were constantly changing. The works struggled for autonomy, where they simultaneously stood alone and shared a common space.


Emma Benson, unravelling (2011)

Ian Bourn, Skirting (Version One) (2011)

Claire Blundell Jones, The Crow who didn’t know… (2011)

Helena Bryant, Marooned (2011)

Helena Goldwater, Funnel of love (2011)

Michelle Griffiths, Human Folk Bird (2011)

Zoë Mendelson, Conscientious Objectophile (2011)

Graeme Miller, Conjunction (2009)

Frog Morris & Lee Campbell, I LIKE DUCKS / I LIKE DUCK (2011)

Steve Ounanian, Make It Rain (2011)

Florence Peake, Features (2011)

Tim Spooner, Proposed Monument for the Edge of the Universe (2011)

Fiona Templeton, 6 things (2011)

Caroline Wilkinson, Audience Chamber (2011)

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