11 June – 17 July 2011

Dilston Grove / Café Gallery, Southwark Park, London

A programme of installation and performance related work conceived and curated by London based artists Anne Bean and Gary Stevens.

The two spaces, located five minutes walk away from each other across Southwark Park, were home to an ongoing programme of events, installations and performances created by over 20 artists who worked and/or resided in one of the two spaces from between one and six weeks. Breaking away from the usual conventions of curated exhibitions with their set themes and finished works, the curators brought together emerging and more established artists to work alongside each other in an intriguing collaborative process leading to unpredictable outcomes. The resultant artworks ranged from sculpture and installation to a programme of timed and incidental performances.

VISIBLE TRACKS is an online record of and response to some of what happened in the galleries during the six weeks of the exhibitions. Contributors to VISIBLE TRACKS dipped in and out of the works, watching them from a distance, examining them up close and mapping their progress as they developed. With no known outcomes and a myriad of possibilities, this blog was a meeting place for responses and reflections on the works and the relationships between artists, space and audience that evolved during the shows.

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