Interview with Anne Bean…

At the end of the process of WAKE, Visible Tracks blogger Victor Delvecchio asked Anne Bean about her reasons for initiating the project and her thoughts on its development.

VD: What brought you to curate WAKE?

AB: I don’t see it as curating but as initiating a concept. I wanted to create a dialogue and exchange about ownership, collective process, where a work begins or ends, materiality itself and the non-verbal transmission of ideas.

VD: The WAKE concept seems a peculiar idea. Where does it come from and have you got knowledge of any other artists attempting a similar project?

AB: I like ‘peculiar’ and, no— I haven’t heard of anyone else attempting anything similar.

VD: What inspired you?

AB: Many exhibitions that I’ve seen and dwelt on, wanting to directly continue with the work I had witnessed.

VD: How much does it reflect or relate to any of your personal artistic approach? Does WAKE come as a conclusion to your practice?

AB: I don’t have conclusions. WAKE is very much part of my central beliefs in overlap, connectivity and work in progress challenging chronological time. It is a backwards and forwards interaction: visible tracks of turbulence.

VD: Seeing that each artist had to choose their successor, it feels to me like a sort of promotional event of new talent. How much do you agree?

AB: This is not new talent. These are all artists with track records. Promotion is not a concept I’m at home with although I’m very happy if it leads to new work situations.

VD:  Was anything said beforehand in selecting artists?

AB: Obviously I gave a brief synopsis of the ethos of the work but we never met and talked.

VD: Any guidelines?

AB: No guidelines, just the brief synopsis.

VD:  Besides the fact that each artist’s – You, Cobbing, Cotterrell, Weiler, Lowe and Buckeridge – collaboration in WAKE is by definition ‘Art’, where in the curating process does it relate to Art?

AB: It is not a curating process, it is a conceptual process and thereby directly relates to art.

VD: What is the purpose of WAKE and what is its message?

AB: There is no purpose or message, in any direct sense. It is a questioning, an experiment, an exploration in which, i hope, most of the witnesses can participate.


Image: Dilston Grove, empty. Photo by Laura Milnes

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