Egg Hunt…

Last week at Café Gallery, strange things were going on… There seemed to be mysterious sightings of alien objects in unusual places. Visitors came across eggs, roses, notes and ribbons in the most unexpected of places and many found themselves on a hunt for clues.

Laura Milnes documented some of her egg hunt…


It began when I spotted a rose peeping out of the base of Florence Peake’s Features (2011). I wasn’t sure if this was an extension of the velvet-red of the huge lips that form a third of Features, or whether this was a gift from a secret admirer. I was a little jealous:

…So I had a further peep inside and found a curiously fondled egg:

Next to it, at the end of a tendril of hair, lay a note:

…and hanging from Steve Ounanian’s canopy of cash, another dedication:

Carefully bound to Graeme Miller’s Conjunction (2009) is yet another message…and an egg…

…meanwhile, another perfectly rounded individual sits on Ian Bourn’s chair, calling to be squashed. Somehow, the Van Gogh chair becomes absurd like a Duchamp composition of unrelated objects.

I am startled by an unfortunate miscarriage of egg justice on Claire Blundell Jones’ discarded drawing:

And I’m left struggling to work out what someone is trying to say:

I leave the gallery wondering if I’ll find an omelette next week.

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