It’s always the quiet ones…

Skirting (Version One) by Ian Bourn. ARCHIPELAGO at Cafe Gallery

It’s always the quiet ones. By Amy Pettifer While several of the other works in ARCHIPELAGO are brazenly engaged in transgression and trespass – planting spies, growing and trailing over lines of division – Ian Bourn’s work Skirting (Version 1) is staging a subtle revolution. Situated in a room just off the main space, away … Continue reading

The odyssey of the yellow ribbon…

WAKE Week 4 - Carl von Weiler. Photo by Mara Minculescu

The odyssey of the yellow ribbon By Mara Minculescu What has become of the now famous yellow ribbon which Anne Bean introduced us to in the first week of WAKE? I cannot help but ask myself this question on each of my weekly visits to Dilston Grove and dream of different ways in which one … Continue reading


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