Archipelago: Should I return?

Archipelago: Should I return?

by Susanna Byrne

“Something in the gulf is coming: they just haven’t established exactly what it is yet.”

This is Laura Davidson’s pertinent observation of the performative space- ‘the inland gulf…the stage’ – that we navigate with the artist islands at Archipelago and the sense of anticipation for what may come.

So, does something come to ‘the gulf’? And if so, what is that something?  Perhaps it’s the prospect of this that draws you back or does it fail to hook you at all?

Wandering once more through Archipelago there is indeed something that has come to physically alter the topography- some drifting sands: the tentacles of Emma Benson’s unraveling and Helena Goldwater’s funnel; and Caroline Wilkinson’s puzzling creeps ever closer toward Zoe Mendelson’s objectophile sketching.

But there is more: it’s the something that affects our interior. I think those drifting alterations penetrate our consciousness as we attempt to organize and rationalize them.  Even more affecting than this perhaps is the anticipation and expectation that draws you.

As I cruise the islands attempting to piece together previous recollections, my inner stage is played, experiencing those moments of expectation that can be tantalizing pleasurable and frustrating in equal measure. Imminence is the hook. However, is there sufficient here to reel you in?

I am still curious about the potential changes over the remaining weeks and to ponder any differences which signify moves from isolation toward interaction, whether peaceful or not. But will I return-let’s wait and see.

ARCHIPELAGO continues in Cafe Gallery, Wed-Sun until 17th July. Keep checking the blog and the Artsadmin website for updates on the progress of the works.


Image: ARCHIPELAGO at Cafe Gallery, featuring work by Frog Morris & Lee Campbell, Helena Bryant, Steve Ounanian, Florence Peake and Emma Benson. Photo by Laura Milnes.

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