6 things…

Fiona Templeton’s work for ARCHIPELAGO will evolve over the six weeks of the exhibition, as each week she adds a ‘thing’. The following is an extract of the ‘First thing’ June 7-12 2011. You can see the ‘Second thing’ this weekend at Café Gallery.


“6 things

Each week of the 6-week exhibition Archipelago I will create an invisible thing to install on a shelf. The thing will be made of words, which I will improvise and record on site. Each week I will make a book of this text and put it on the shelf to make the thing visible. By the end of the exhibition, there will be six shelves, each with a thing.

Fiona Templeton

CGP London, Southwark Park”

The crow spoke here.

The crow spoke there.

The first thing


is more than


We waste our wages.

Snoozing in the wind

held up

we change our chances.

What we try to accommodate


a shed of roses

what we do see

is the unfamiliar.

Why the next time

the word ‘look’

in a piece of visual art.

The map


The contours of the thing

are an illusion.

but inside

is place.

That’s not all mine.

into a clearing

a head start

a breaking twig.

you can run like that.

You can’t run it like that.

People disappear.

Scream and daughter

lip shorn edges.

Come over ‘ere.



back to the same

we gape about.



And in the place is behavior.

And in behavior is how I feel about it.

And in place is a prison.

A thing is dependent.

On a hill

in a box

on a train

in a house.

And in a place

is more than one person.

And locks the gate.

Locks it behind him.

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